Residential Subdivision - Ormiston Rd, Flat Bush


This $50 million dollar residential subdivision involved 50 rural residential lots spread along ridgelines with associated roads, retaining walls, services and a bridge. The subdivision is located in the Southern Landslide Zone and includes a Transpower easement passing through the subdivision.

Lander Geotechnical Involvement

Lander Geotechnical provided services from conception to completion of this project to ensure the client could delivered stable building platforms for each lot in a cost effective and expedient manner. The services provided included:
  • Geological mapping was carried out to define the geotechnical model for the site and then was supplemented with additional site investigation to support detailed design and resource and building consents.
  • Detailed slope stability assessments and involvement in the earthworks design process.
  • Design of in-ground (palisade) walls to protect proposed building platforms from adjacent slip features and design of cantilever retaining walls to facilitate road construction.
  • Geotechnical input into accessway bridge pile foundations and stability of abutments.
  • Construction observations throughout the subdivision earthworks, drainage and retaining wall construction works.
  • Completion reporting and sign off documentation for the subdivision.
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