McLean St Bridge - Pokeno


This bridge provides access a primary access road to several hundred residential lots being developed through the Pokeno area. It has a clear span of 28.5m and crosses both the North Island Main Trunk Railway Line and Pokeno Stream. The bridge will carry key service lines to the new residential lots and is planned for construction in 2017.

Lander Geotechnical Involvement

Lander Geotechnical carried out a geotechnical desktop study and site investigation involving a combination of rotary and percussion boreholes, excavator trial pits, hand auger boreholes and laboratory testing.

This work allowed Lander Geotechnical to establish a ground model for the site and provide geotechnical inputs into the bridge design and construction. Detailed modelling for the proposed bridge involved stability analyses, settlement assessments and finite element modelling for ground improvements beneath the abutments to meet the NZTA Bridge Design Manual requirements.

Geotechnical observation will be carried out during construction works to confirm the geological model that has been developed for the site
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