Auranga Residential Estate


Located in Drury, this development is a very large scale (84 ha) master planned subdivision involving over 200 affordable houses, and 1,350 new dwellings.

Lander Geotechnical Involvement

We have been working with the civil engineer and the rest of the project team since its inception to provide:
  • Geotechnical reporting to advance plan changes
  • Detailed investigations to support the Qualifying Development (QD1) stage, and stages 1 to 3 bulk earthworks designs, including foreshore regression and slope stability analyses
  • Construction observation and compliance aspects for QD1 and stage 1 bulk earthworks that are currently underway
  • Detailed investigations and design for infrastructure, to date comprising main trunk gas route, bridge abutment widening through mudflats, and a temporary water reservoir
In a similar vein to Auranga, Lander Geotechnical are also involved in another large master planned development involving affordable housing and ultimately over 800 new dwellings in Glenbrook, on a coastal fringe.
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